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Welcome to IDEA at CSUS

Breaking News

:: IDEA club at California State University Sacramento

We are very excited to be a part of the Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness (IDEA) Center. IDEA has been established on the CSUS campus recently by students who desire to seek truth through the methods of logic and science. Be sure to check our events page for what is coming up!

:: Insights

As innovations in the scientific world come into use and popularity, it becomes important for those effected by its implications to question it and to scrutinize its ways. IDEA is a service and venue of discussion and an environment in which these analysis can take place.

:: Our Goal

Established in the Fall of 2002 by students in attempts to bring up difficult questions surrounding evolution theory and intelligent design theories of origins, this club hopes to offer the student body of CSUS and the surrounding area of Sacramento a unique opportunity to become critics of science, learn ways to challenge dogmatic scientific theory, and observe others in the process of the same.

IDEA has the ultimate goal of bringing people to understand the theory of intelligent design and to follow arguments such as Darwinism closely enough to ask tough questions about it and theories like it.


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